We pride ourselves on forming deep connections, collaborating not just with one another, 但是对于当地工业, 学校, and everyone who calls our island home.


作为一所大学, we're dedicated to helping students, 学校 and the community to embrace a love of learning. We offer a range of inspirational resources, OG, and ideas for school teachers and career advisors to connect with.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

We want to ensure that engaging with the University of Tasmania, 无论是作为学生, 工作人员或社区成员, provides the experience of a University that celebrates Aboriginal Tasmania's deep history, its diversity of cultures and values, and continually builds its Aboriginal connections.



Music students film scoring with a live orchestra from concept to completion.



Our graduates form a vibrant global family of over 120,000人, living and working across 110 countries.

Through the University, our alumni can extend their networks and connect with former classmates. We also offer a number of lifelong learning, career enhancement, and student mentoring opportunities.


Contributing to students' futures

给 has the power to change lives, shape communities and improve the world we live in. We're so appreciative of our donors, who help our talented students rise above any disadvantages they may be facing and improve their lives through education.

作为贡献者, you can also fund buildings and facilities that enhance the learning experience, or support 研究 that helps create a brighter tomorrow.



We work in close 合作伙伴hips across education, 研究, 业务, 行业, 政府, and the community to create a better future.


The degree that turns your passion into a thriving 业务

Tara Howell combined her love of mountain biking with 业务 savvy to create a luxury adventure experience that’s already riding high.